Sunday, 19 February 2017
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History of Final Fantasy: Return to Ivalice (Final Fantasy XII)

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Final Fantasy has always been a series that changes with each new entry. Naturally, there are always certain elements that carry over from one game to another, but from the very beginning of the franchise at the hands of Hironobu Sakaguchi it has never just played things safe. From gameplay additions, to different visual styles and stories, the series has constantly tried new things. More often than not, it has also done so successfully. In terms of doing things differently, none had perhaps been quite as massive a departure from all the previous games in the series as Final Fantasy XII. Almost every aspect of the game, from its gameplay, visual style and music, to the characters and story was different from anything the main Final Fantasy series had ever done before. In short, it continued the tradition of constant change the series had become known for.

Justice League Visual Style Will Look Like Batman v Superman

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Cinematographer Fabian Wagner shares a new Justice League photo while teasing how the visual style is similar to Batman v Superman.

5 PlayStation Exclusives to Look Forward to This Year

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Jef has been a Sony fanboy since just after Kurt Cobain died, and to this day jef still thinks the Playstation is the superior gaming console.

Kraft Heinz Withdraws Its $143 Billion Bid For Unilever

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Kraft Heinz is dropping its $143 billion cash and stock offer for Anglo/Dutch consumer products giant Unilever just two days after revealing plans for what would have been one of the largest corporate takeovers in history.


Gabigol wants to make history after Inter breakthrough

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Gabriel Barbosa felt his hard work was rewarded after he came off the bench to sink Bologna and end a six-month wait for his first Inter goal. The Brazil international has appeared fleetingly since moving to San Siro from Santos last August and was granted just a sixth substitute outing in Serie A with the [...]

Expert Battlefield 1 Player Claims He Was Wrongly Banned by FairFight, Asked FragHero for Help

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Recently, a veteran Battlefield 1 player contacted us because he was banned from Battlefield 1 on the PC. He was accused of cheating, but promised us that he wasnt cheating, and is just a really good player. There has been some controversy lately about skilled players being incorrectly banned by EAs FairFight technology.

The Youtuber Cyprien launches a new mobile game?

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The Youtuber Cyprien Iov has launched its new short film "The Moving" this Friday, February 17th with the team Parasites. A short film full of information about the new game? Or just a coincidence?


Authentic Florida: Daytona Beach so much more than racing

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The iconic Daytona 500 stock car race is just one of many reasons to spend time in Volusia County.


Justin Timberlake, Tiger Woods invest together in future of junior golf

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Two of the bigger entertainers in the world are linked in the golf world


Mega Princess #4

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Mega Princess #4
Max & Justine are prisoners of Atlantis under suspicion of kidnapping the prince! BOOM!Studios' Mega Princess #4 by Kelly Thompson & Brianne Drouhard.


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