Thursday, 23 February 2017
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[Review] Mechanisms for initiating cellular DNA replication

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Cellular DNA replication factories depend on ring-shaped hexameric helicases to aid DNA synthesis by processively unzipping the parental DNA helix. Replicative helicases are loaded onto DNA by dedicated initiator, loader, and accessory proteins during the initiation of DNA replication in a tightly regulated, multistep process. We discuss here the molecular choreography of DNA replication initiation across the three domains of life, highlighting similarities and differences in the strategies used to deposit replicative helicases onto DNA and to melt the DNA helix in preparation for replisome assembly. Although initiators and loaders are phylogenetically related, the mechanisms they use for accomplishing similar tasks have diverged considerably and in an unpredictable manner. Authors: Franziska Bleichert, Michael R. Botchan, James M. Berger


[Letter] Lee Rubin: Our mentor and role model

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Authors: Chantal Bazenet, Howard Desmond, Eric Frank, Patrick Doherty, Andreas Eilers, Christine Gatchalian, Marcie Glicksman, Piotr Graczyk, Fabian Gusovsky, Jonathan Ham, David Kaplan, Michael Klymkoswsky, Karen Kotkow, Richard Krolewski, Paul Lang, Alison Linsley O'Neil, Mary Jane McCarthy, Karina Meiri, Freda Miller, Monica Mota Neumage, Ceren Ozek, Karen Philpott, Silvia Piccinotti, Feodor Price, Martin Raff, Marianne Ratcliffe, Jane Relton, Ken Rhodes, James Schwob, Caroline Smales, Terrence Smith, Cesare Spadoni, Joanne Taylor, Kostas Vekrellis, Jonny Whitfield

[Association Affairs] New AAAS president emphasizes making the case for science

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Susan Hockfield has built support for major research initiatives Author: Michaela Jarvis


[Report] The cytotoxic Staphylococcus aureus PSMα3 reveals a cross-α amyloid-like fibril

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Amyloids are ordered protein aggregates, found in all kingdoms of life, and are involved in aggregation diseases as well as in physiological activities. In microbes, functional amyloids are often key virulence determinants, yet the structural basis for their activity remains elusive. We determined the fibril structure and function of the highly toxic, 22-residue phenol-soluble modulin α3 (PSMα3) peptide secreted by Staphylococcus aureus. PSMα3 formed elongated fibrils that shared the morphological and tinctorial characteristics of canonical cross-β eukaryotic amyloids. However, the crystal structure of full-length PSMα3, solved de novo at 1.45 angstrom resolution, revealed a distinctive “cross-α” amyloid-like architecture, in which amphipathic α helices stacked perpendicular to the fibril axis into tight self-associating sheets. The cross-α fibrillation of PSMα3 facilitated cytotoxicity, suggesting that this assembly mode underlies function in S. aureus. Authors: Einav Tayeb-Fligelman, Orly Tabachnikov, Asher Moshe, Orit Goldshmidt-Tran, Michael R. Sawaya, Nicolas Coquelle, Jacques-Philippe Colletier, Meytal Landau

[Report] Optical control of cell signaling by single-chain photoswitchable kinases

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Protein kinases transduce signals to regulate a wide array of cellular functions in eukaryotes. A generalizable method for optical control of kinases would enable fine spatiotemporal interrogation or manipulation of these various functions. We report the design and application of single-chain cofactor-free kinases with photoswitchable activity. We engineered a dimeric protein, pdDronpa, that dissociates in cyan light and reassociates in violet light. Attaching two pdDronpa domains at rationally selected locations in the kinase domain, we created the photoswitchable kinases psRaf1, psMEK1, psMEK2, and psCDK5. Using these photoswitchable kinases, we established an all-optical cell-based assay for screening inhibitors, uncovered a direct and rapid inhibitory feedback loop from ERK to MEK1, and mediated developmental changes and synaptic vesicle transport in vivo using light. Authors: Xin X. Zhou, Linlin Z. Fan, Pengpeng Li, Kang Shen, Michael Z. Lin

Ponch and Jon Return in CHiPs Movie Character Posters

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Jon and Ponch are back on the Los Angeles beat, played by Dax Shepard and Michael Pena, in new character posters for CHiPs.

Trump: Lt Gen HR McMaster is new national security adviser

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President Donald Trump names Lt Gen HR McMaster as his national security adviser, replacing Lt Gen Michael Flynn.

Managing Risks and Opportunities in the ‘New Abnormal’

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Get ready to say goodbye to slow growth, low interest rates and benign inflation. Be prepared for the decline of monetary policy as defined by central banks and global institutions. Bid adieu to the embrace of globalization. And say hello to the new abnormal, says Michael Arone, chief investment strategist at State Street Global Advisors.…

Nordstrom Sale: At least 60% off + free shipping

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Nordstrom continues to take at least 60% off select items in its sale section, with prices starting at $1.66. Plus, all orders receive free shipping. Discounted brands include Michael Kors, Cole Haan, Kate Spade New York, and Free People.
Of note, Nordstrom also cuts up to 40% off a selection of items in its Winter Sale, as mentioned last week.

Michael Moore: Town Halls Make 'Tea Party Look Like Pre-School'

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"I'm telling you folks ... this hasn't happened since 1970," Moore said of recent voter activism.


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