Wednesday, 22 February 2017
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World's most famous porn star Jenna Jameson goes on Twitter rant slamming Muslims and defending the KKK

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The actress said she didn&'t hate Muslims but instead simply "disagree with absolutely everything they represent"


Muslim activists raise nearly $60,000 to aid vandalized Jewish cemetery

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The crowdfunding campaign said it had reached its $20,000 goal in three hours.


The Battle Over Mosul’s Soul And Soil Will Last Generations

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Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling In war, everyone and everything must pay a debt to nature – both human and environmental. Consequently, the U.S.-led Iraqi forces advancing on Mosul from land and air are not the only ones who will suffer for generations. The estimated 800,000 residents (300,000 of whom are children) living there will also undergo emotional trauma, serious injuries and chronic diseases, as will the very soil on which the battle is raging. Black Rains and Black Lungs The city in northern Iraq that’s under ISIS’s control is already being hammered with the largest deployment of Iraqi-U.S. forces since the 2003 U.S. invasion. Located 250 miles north of Baghdad and...

Inner Spark: Using Music to Study Creativity

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A hearing specialist and sax player says that studying the brain during flights of improvisation may provide new understanding of creativity—as well as insight into the musical genius of John...

Horizon: Zero Dawn review | Stuff

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Stuff: "Remember Zoids? Those little, plastic, clip-together robo-dinosaur things from the 80s that youd wind-up and send marching across a table at whatever other toys you had knocking around at the time? You dont? Well someone at Guerilla Games must do, because Ill be damned if theyre not the genesis for the attention-grabbing enemies in Horizon Zero Dawn."

US Muslim community campaigns to repair Jewish cemetery

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Campaigners call for "solidarity" as they raise more than $55,000 to repair a vandalised cemetery.


Muslims raise funds for Jewish cemetery

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A fundraiser for a vandalized Jewish cemetery is sending a strong message of unity and tolerance.


Muscle & Fitness 1-Year Subscription for $5 for 12 issues

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DiscountMags offers a Muscle & Fitness Magazine 1-Year Subscription (12 issues) for $28.95. Coupon code "DEALNEWS" drops it to $4.99. That's tied with our mention from last month and the lowest price we could find now by $20.
Of note, you can buy up to three years at this discounted rate.

Why YOU Should Lead Digital Transformation

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Traditional IT organizations must step up to lead the implementation of new enterprise-wide digital platforms.


Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Review | HardcoreGamer

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There have been plenty of great adaptations of the Musou formula of various licensed franchises. Gundam and the first Fist of the North Star were fun, as was One Piece. The anime IPs worked well, but developer Omega Force showed them up with the quality of their Musou take on game specific IPs like Dragon Quest Heroes and Hyrule Warriors. Even dismissing the licensed products, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms based Dynasty Warriors 2 kicked it all off, and gives the loyal ample of reasons to return. The fact of the matter is that the series, as ridiculously prolific as it is, has plenty of different quality entries for all sorts of varying tastes. That is why the following statement should be taken as salient as intended: barring one glaring omission, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is the best of the Musou games.

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