Thursday, 23 February 2017
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NYT's Dean Baquet on Trump's attack on press, anonymous sources

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The New York Times is running a new national ad campaign asking, "How do we arrive at the truth?" The campaign is not related to the Trump administration, but it does follow the president's repeated criticism of the Times. New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the role of the media during the Trump presidency.

Where next for Putin and Trump?, China: storming the seas by stealth, Nigeria's forgotten violence, The world must take a stand, Peace can prevail in Cyprus

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“The latest flare-up of violence in Eastern Ukraine ... is not about changing the status-quo or a warming-up for ... another major escalation,” writes Vladimir Frolov. “It is an inescapable result of the fog of war, which the Minsk peace agreements [have] failed to completely stop.... [T]he Kremlin was quick to use the episode to remind the Trump administration that the Ukraine crisis demands the urgent attention of the superpowers.... It isn’t clear whether Moscow is interested in making the concessions that Trump seems to be expecting.... But Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview ... that Russia was prepared to ‘walk her part of the road’ towards better relations with the US.

[Review] Mechanisms for initiating cellular DNA replication

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Cellular DNA replication factories depend on ring-shaped hexameric helicases to aid DNA synthesis by processively unzipping the parental DNA helix. Replicative helicases are loaded onto DNA by dedicated initiator, loader, and accessory proteins during the initiation of DNA replication in a tightly regulated, multistep process. We discuss here the molecular choreography of DNA replication initiation across the three domains of life, highlighting similarities and differences in the strategies used to deposit replicative helicases onto DNA and to melt the DNA helix in preparation for replisome assembly. Although initiators and loaders are phylogenetically related, the mechanisms they use for accomplishing similar tasks have diverged considerably and in an unpredictable manner. Authors: Franziska Bleichert, Michael R. Botchan, James M. Berger


Corinne Olympios, the Gift That Keeps on Giving: Her Craziest (Yet Oddly Relatable) Moments on The Bachelor

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It's Corinne Olympios' world and we're all just living in it. While Nick Viall may be the Bachelor, Corinne has become the breakout star of this season of The Bachelor, thanks...

Nintendo Switch Official Carrying Case Can Handle Two Joy Con Straps And Five Cartridges

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It looks like Nintendo's officially licensed carrying case for the Nintendo Switch will be pretty helpful in transporting a fair amount of Switch related goodies around the place.

Philippines: If China builds on shoal, it would strain ties

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MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippines' top diplomat said Thursday any move by China to transform a Manila-claimed shoal into an island would be a "game-changer" in blossoming relations, although he added that Beijing has pledged not to undertake any construction in the strategically located area of the South China Sea.

Florida man accused of Clinton Foundation hack to plead guilty

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Florida man accused of trying to hack the Clinton Foundation in 2015 is expected to plead guilty on Thursday, months after he was sentenced in a related case to 42 years in prison over child pornography discovered on his computers during the probe.

Manafort faced blackmail attempt, hacks suggest

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Stolen texts appear to show threats to expose relations between Russia-friendly forces, Trump and his former campaign chairman.


Secretaries of State, Homeland Security head to Mexico

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Rex Tillerson and John Kelly will meet with Mexican president amid strained relations to talk immigration, border security

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