Thursday, 23 February 2017
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Viruses support photosynthesis in bacteria

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Viruses propagate by infecting a host cell and reproducing inside. This not only affects humans and animals, but bacteria as well. This type of virus is called bacteriophage. They carry so called auxiliary metabolic genes in their genome, which are responsible for producing certain proteins that give the virus an advantage. Researchers have analyzed the structure of such a protein more closely. It appears to stimulate the photosynthesis of host bacteria.

Couch Cooperative: PlayStation 4's 25 Best Games

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Alex from Twinfinite writes " If you ask us, nothing beats good ol couch co-op! I mean, who doesnt want the chance to laugh, shout, scream, and throw things at each other over some hardcore co-op action in the living room? So weve compiled 25 of the must-play couch co-operative games on the PlayStation 4."

MAINGEAR launches Pre-Orders for new systems featuring AMDs Ryzen Processors

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Its time for Ryzen. Sounds pretty hype right? Well this week we finally got the announcement of AMDs newest processor line the Ryzen line, and already custom PC makers are lining up systems with the new chips.

5 Ways to Cope With Beyoncé's 2017 Coachella Cancellation

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So if you're a Beyoncé fan, today sucked. It was announced that the singer will not perform at the 2017 Coachella music festival in April after all, per doctor's orders....


NBA Trade Deadline: How Do The Deals Made Make The Grade?

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The NBA trade deadline is passed, so how do the deals made make the grade?


Stop using SHA1: It’s now completely unsafe

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Security researchers have achieved the first real-world collision attack against the SHA-1 hash function, producing two different PDF files with the same SHA-1 signature. This shows that the algorithm's use for security-sensitive functions should be discontinued as soon as possible.
SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) dates back to 1995 and has been known to be vulnerable to theoretical attacks since 2005. The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology has banned the use of SHA-1 by U.S. federal agencies since 2010, and digital certificate authorities have not been allowed to issue SHA-1-signed certificates since Jan. 1, 2016, although .

NBA Trade Deadline: With George, Butler Staying Put, Focus Shifts To 3 Contenders Vying For Bogut

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The 7-footer was traded to the Sixers, but he'll be back on the market for some of the top contenders after taking a buyout.


Underground network ready to hide immigrants

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An underground network of homes named the Rapid Response Team is ready to provide refuge to people who may be sought by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.


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