Monday, 20 February 2017
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Nippon Souls: Nioh Review - GamerHolics

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Dungeon Crawler is a term thats not used a lot these days. Even back during its heyday, there werent that many popular games within said genre. Demons Souls  was released in 2009, exclusively for the PS3 and in a way, changed things. It was a highly critically acclaimed game, but the dungeon crawler genre didnt reached the height of its popularity until Dark Souls was released back in 2011. Dark Souls, in a way, was a big game changer because it did two things right all at once. Firstly, it revolutionized the dungeon crawler genre. Secondly, it brought back the needed challenge that games seemed to have back then. There were some games that came out like Lords of the Fallen that tried to emulate both the success and the influence of the first Dark Souls, but in my opinion, none have come as close as Nioh.

An Invasion in Mutant Football League | Kumazoku Ent

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Kumazoku Ent got an Update of New Alien Species, New Teams and of course new Dirty Tricks in Mutant Football League.

Unlike Trump, Defense Secretary Has No Issues With Press

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James Mattis' comments came two days after Trump called several media outlets "the enemy of the American People."

SoftBank shares up; sources say company willing to cede control of Sprint

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TOKYO (Reuters) - Shares in SoftBank Group Corp rose 2 percent in morning trade on Monday after a Reuters report that the Japanese company is prepared to cede control of Sprint Corp to T-Mobile US Inc to clinch a merger of the two U.S. wireless carriers.

The No. 1 Vacation Spot Away From Trump's America

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What do you do when you see a guy in deep trouble? Save him from the even bigger trouble he could get into if you saved him — like bringing him to the U.S. under Trump. Cartoon by Shannon Wheeler.

Biochemical tricks of the hibernating bear

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Winter is in full swing, and many of us have fantasized about curling up in a warm cave and slumbering until the warmth of spring arrives, just like a bear. Bears have the ability to sleep away the harsh winter months when food is scarce. They can spend five to seven months in hibernation. During this time, bears do not eat, drink, excrete or exercise. Despite the length of inactivity, bears do not experience bone loss, muscle loss, heart complications or blood clots like humans do during extended bouts of inactivity.

Review: 'Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force' (PC) GeekNifty

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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is a great turn-based RPG partly buried by tired anime tropes.


Trump Explains Sweden Terror Comment That Baffled a Nation

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President Donald Trump seemed to suggest a terror attack occurred in Sweden at a campaign-like rally on Saturday, bewildering Swedes.

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