Thursday, 23 February 2017
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GameStop Email Gives Information on Payment & Shipping Information for Nintendo Switch Preorders

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James from The Life of Gaming received a very special email from GameStop, giving information on payment and shipping information for the Nintendo Switch.

Skylanders Mobile Game Announced

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This could be very fun. I wonder how the figures will factor in.   More Skylanders action is heading your way as a new mobile game has been announced.

Nematode resistance in soybeans beneficial even at low rates of infestation

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Soybeans with resistance to soybean cyst nematodes seem to have a yield advantage compared to susceptible varieties when SCN is present. Until now, scientists did not know what level of SCN infestation is needed to achieve the yield advantage. A new study shows that SCN resistance from the soybean accession PI 88788 offers yield advantages even at very low infestation rates.

How This Wet, Wild Winter In California Wine Country Could Have Unexpected Benefits

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For all the worry that the wild winter weather of 2017 has justifiably caused in Northern California, there could be one unexpected benefit: A very good year for wine. Here is the inside story, from the professionals who are there.

In Somali diaspora, lessons for refugees – and their host countries

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For Casiman Abdullahi, Jan. 30 was a very good day. After four years, this was to be one of the very last steps in his application to leave South Africa, where he had been a victim of xenophobic violence, for the United States. Recommended: Think you know Africa?

[In Brief] News at a glance

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In science news around the world, China sees a spike in cases of H7N9 infection, India plans a follow-up Mars mission and considers a mission to Venus, the U.S. Department of Agriculture restores some of the tens of thousands of animal welfare documents scrubbed from its website earlier this month, NASA says its Juno spacecraft will remain in a long orbit around Jupiter to avoid possible engine misfire, and more. Also, the U.S. Senate confirms former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as Environmental Protection Agency administrator. And Science rounds up some of the research highlights from the AAAS annual meeting.

[Perspective] Molecular stitches for enhanced recycling of packaging

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Polymers made of even slightly different repeat units are usually immiscible and form materials with two separate phases, like oil and water. Not only do different polymers not mix, but the interfaces between them are very sharp and mechanically weak. This lack of interfacial strength poses a very serious challenge to the recycling of blends of different polymers and, notably, polyethylene (PE) and isotactic polypropylene (iPP), the two polymers most commonly found in the industrial and domestic waste that come from packaging. If these two tough polymers are simply blended together, the resulting material is brittle and cannot be used. On page 814 of this issue, Eagan et al. (1) report that adding just 1% of a suitable block copolymer—a chain of PE connected to a chain of iPP—can create molecular stitches between the two phases and make the resulting blend as tough as iPP and PE themselves. Author: Costantino Creton

[This Week in Science] Very clever bees use tools

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Author: Sacha Vignieri


[Report] An accreting pulsar with extreme properties drives an ultraluminous x-ray source in NGC 5907

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Ultraluminous x-ray sources (ULXs) in nearby galaxies shine brighter than any x-ray source in our Galaxy. ULXs are usually modeled as stellar-mass black holes (BHs) accreting at very high rates or intermediate-mass BHs. We present observations showing that NGC 5907 ULX is instead an x-ray accreting neutron star (NS) with a spin period evolving from 1.43 seconds in 2003 to 1.13 seconds in 2014. It has an isotropic peak luminosity of ~1000 times the Eddington limit for a NS at 17.1 megaparsec. Standard accretion models fail to explain its luminosity, even assuming beamed emission, but a strong multipolar magnetic field can describe its properties. These findings suggest that other extreme ULXs (x-ray luminosity ≥ 1041 erg second −1) might harbor NSs. Authors: Gian Luca Israel, Andrea Belfiore, Luigi Stella, Paolo Esposito, Piergiorgio Casella, Andrea De Luca, Martino Marelli, Alessandro Papitto, Matteo Perri, Simonetta Puccetti, Guillermo A. Rodríguez Castillo, David Salvetti, Andrea Tiengo, Luca Zampieri, Daniele D’Agostino, Jochen Greiner, Frank Haberl, Giovanni Novara, Ruben Salvaterra, Roberto Turolla, Mike Watson, Joern Wilms, Anna Wolter

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