Thursday, 23 February 2017
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Emma Watson Reveals Character Of New Belle: Said Her Character Is A Feminist Princess In 'Beauty and the Beast'

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Belle's character in "Beauty and the Beast" takes a big turn. Emma Watson reveals her character in the remake and gives an insight of the story.


Manchester United vs. Southampton kickoff time, live stream info, TV channel, odds, prediction: How to watch EFL Cup final

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The cup final is set for Sunday morning

Invicta Men's Pro Diver Automatic Watch for $73 + free shipping

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Shnoop via eBay offers the Invicta Men's Pro Diver Automatic Watch, model no. 8926, for $72.99 with free shipping. That's the lowest total price we could find by $7. It features a stainless steel case and band, date display, automatic movement, and water resistance up to 660 feet.

Thousands return home as flood waters recede in California

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Thousands of people evacuated from a flood in San Jose, California, returned home Thursday amid warnings to be careful about hygiene and handling food that may have come into contact with flood water.

[In Depth] California rains put spotlight on atmospheric rivers

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In just a few months, California has moved from extreme drought to dangerous flooding, thanks to atmospheric rivers: long, narrow ribbons of water vapor in the sky. Just a few hundred kilometers wide, atmospheric rivers stretch thousands of kilometers from the tropical oceans toward the poles, carrying up to 20 times as much water as the Mississippi River. That moisture gets tugged along by the windy paddle wheels of spinning storms ahead of its path. When the atmospheric rivers make landfall and the vapor condenses, they can release a staggering amount of rain and snow. Scientists are now working to unravel their physics so that they can provide better forecasts, both now and in a future, hotter world. For dry, midlatitude regions like California, any changes could have a profound impact. Author: Julia Rosen

[Perspective] Molecular stitches for enhanced recycling of packaging

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Polymers made of even slightly different repeat units are usually immiscible and form materials with two separate phases, like oil and water. Not only do different polymers not mix, but the interfaces between them are very sharp and mechanically weak. This lack of interfacial strength poses a very serious challenge to the recycling of blends of different polymers and, notably, polyethylene (PE) and isotactic polypropylene (iPP), the two polymers most commonly found in the industrial and domestic waste that come from packaging. If these two tough polymers are simply blended together, the resulting material is brittle and cannot be used. On page 814 of this issue, Eagan et al. (1) report that adding just 1% of a suitable block copolymer—a chain of PE connected to a chain of iPP—can create molecular stitches between the two phases and make the resulting blend as tough as iPP and PE themselves. Author: Costantino Creton

[Report] An accreting pulsar with extreme properties drives an ultraluminous x-ray source in NGC 5907

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Ultraluminous x-ray sources (ULXs) in nearby galaxies shine brighter than any x-ray source in our Galaxy. ULXs are usually modeled as stellar-mass black holes (BHs) accreting at very high rates or intermediate-mass BHs. We present observations showing that NGC 5907 ULX is instead an x-ray accreting neutron star (NS) with a spin period evolving from 1.43 seconds in 2003 to 1.13 seconds in 2014. It has an isotropic peak luminosity of ~1000 times the Eddington limit for a NS at 17.1 megaparsec. Standard accretion models fail to explain its luminosity, even assuming beamed emission, but a strong multipolar magnetic field can describe its properties. These findings suggest that other extreme ULXs (x-ray luminosity ≥ 1041 erg second −1) might harbor NSs. Authors: Gian Luca Israel, Andrea Belfiore, Luigi Stella, Paolo Esposito, Piergiorgio Casella, Andrea De Luca, Martino Marelli, Alessandro Papitto, Matteo Perri, Simonetta Puccetti, Guillermo A. Rodríguez Castillo, David Salvetti, Andrea Tiengo, Luca Zampieri, Daniele D’Agostino, Jochen Greiner, Frank Haberl, Giovanni Novara, Ruben Salvaterra, Roberto Turolla, Mike Watson, Joern Wilms, Anna Wolter

Emma Watson Looks Like a Real-Life Disney Princess at the Beauty and the Beast London Premiere

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Lily James had her "Cinderella moment" in 2015, and now it's Emma Watson's turn to shine. Watson and her Beauty and the Beast co-stars kicked off their worldwide...

NASA Announces Discovery of Planets That Could Sustain Life

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Four new Earth-sized exoplanets have been discovered orbiting a star about 40 light-years away - and each may contain liquid water and be able to sustain life, astronomers from NASA and the European Southern Observatory said Wednesday. A Belgian-led team was able to spy these planets using space- and ground-based telescopes as they passed in front of their host, a red dwarf star known as TRAPPIST-1.

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